Joseph Livingstone was born in
Liverpool, England.
Music was always present in the
Livingstone household as Joseph`s
father was a jazz drummer and it was
through his father that Joseph became
aware of the musicians who would be
his inspiration for many years to
come...Cannonball Adderley, Buddy
Rich and Joe Zawinul (both of whom
Joseph met several times during his
youth) and Pytor Tchaikovsky.
Although exposed to musicians like
Zawinul and Tchaikovsky from an early
age, Joseph did not have any desire to
pursue a life as a composer. For the
young Joseph Livingstone, it was the
drums which were to hold his

At the age of twelve, Joseph was given
his first drum kit and for the next twelve
years set himself a gruelling practice
regime (often practising an average of
six hours a day!) Added to this were
years of working with other musicians
in colleges, clubs and recording

During this period however, he
became increasingly frustrated by the
tonal and melodic limitations of playing
an acoustic rhythm instrument. He did
consider electronic drums but quickly
dismissed the idea as a gimmick..."It is
just not in the nature of the instrument
to be melodic. No matter what you do
to them, drums are fundamentally
rhythmic and that`s that!"

This growing sense of musical
inhibition, coupled with his discovery of
musicians Karlheinz Stockhausen and
Gustav Mahler, led Joseph to turn
towards sound creation of a different
kind. Composition was the answer.

"At long last, I could create the music I
wanted to listen to!"...was Joseph`s
response when asked why he stopped
performing on the drums with other
musicians in favour of composition.
"Drumming is my first love of music and
always will be..." listen to the fantastic
drum work on `Uncreate`, `The
Damage Letters`, `Poet`s Corner`,
`Physical Overtures` and `Keep The
Florists Busy` for proof of his mastery
of the instrument.."but being a player
in a group, no matter how good, will
never be the same as creating your
own complete sound world."

Joseph`s compositional output to date
gives us all a chance to live in this
unique musician`s sound world.
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